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Dance With The Devil

I walk beside you, but you cannot see me.

7 February 1990
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I'm 18 years old. I am going into college and I'm going to major in English. I want to be a writer or a filmmaker, but my fall-back is going to be teaching either English or Theatre Arts. So...yeah.

My best friend is Allison. We've known each other for almost six years, and she's always been there for me. We are such crazy kids. Without meaning to, she got me back into livejournal...I might actually update it now haha.

I love my family - my mom, dad, and two older brothers. Shawn, my oldest brother is already out of the house, working as a cop, and about to get married; my younger brother is still in the house and going to college. Life is pretty interesting at the moment.

I love to film movies. The LBTM Productions is our company name :D. It consists of Me, Allison and David. I also love to write stories, preferably novels, but short stories are fun too. I've written quite a few already. None of them have been published, but they have been written...so yeah. :D

I love to play soccer. I don't play on a team anymore, but kicking a ball around for fun is entertaining. I love to watch movies, listen to rock music, go to concerts etc. etc. And I get obsessed with a lot of things very easily. :D